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Albuquerque Concrete Experts offers design and installation of high-quality block walls in Bernalillo County and surrounding areas. Our services upgrade the aesthetics of your property and offer functional benefits like erosion control, improved drainage, and additional usable space. Call us now for a free quote!

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Types of Services We Provide

  • Retaining Walls: They hold back soil on slopes and create flat usable space in your yard. Important notice - proper drainage is crucial to prevent water damage during Abq's inevitable monsoons.
  • Block Wall Installation: Our experienced masons have broad experience installing various block wall types. Everything from classic to modern modular block options. Also, we can help you pick the perfect material and design to match your backyard style and budget.
  • Concrete Block Walls: A very popular and budget-friendly option for Abq homeowners that offer durability and versatility.
  • Garden & Decorative Block Walls: We can design and build stunning garden and decorative fences that add a distinctive touch to your outdoor space.
  • Outdoor Living Space Walls: A big trend in Duke City. Block walls can be a perfect way to define and elevate your patio or create a firepit area that will be perfect for enjoying Albuquerque's cool evenings.
  • Stucco Finish: Masonry contractors from Albuquerque Concrete Experts offer beautiful and long-lasting stucco finishes that are real eye-catchers. Choose from different colors and textures to create a unique design that goes with your Abq home and landscaping.
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Benefits of Choosing Us

  • Increased Curb Appeal & Property Value: A professionally designed and installed wall can improve your property's visual appeal, potentially increasing its value when it's time to sell.
  • Improved Outdoor Living Space: Block walls can help you create functional and beautiful outdoor living spaces.
  • Erosion Control Expertise: Albuquerque experiences seasonal monsoons, during which the city can quickly see upwards of 3-5 inches of rain. This intense rainfall can lead to significant erosion problems down the line. Especially for properties with slopes or uneven terrain. That’s why our knowledge in proper drainage solutions is crucial to preventing water damage to your foundation and surrounding landscape.
  • Durable & Long-Lasting: We use only first-class materials and follow industry best practices to ensure your CMU is built to last. 
  • Experience You Can Trust: Our mason contractors have in-depth knowledge of Albuquerque's building code specifics related to block walls. So don’t worry - your project will adhere to all local regulations, including any height restrictions that may apply in certain zones. But that is not all! We're also familiar with specific requirements for reinforcement materials based on height, purpose, and soil such as caliche. Therefore, with our expertise, you can be confident your wall will be safe, code-compliant, and built to last.
  • Enriching Your Xeriscape: Albuquerque's beautiful desert landscape thrives with water-wise xeriscaping techniques. Our walls can play a vital role in creating functional and beautiful xeriscapes and can help you create tiered garden beds - perfect for planting drought-resistant flowers. 

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of block walls always varies depending on their size and complexity. Larger and more intricate designs will naturally cost more than smaller, simpler ones. 

But, if we had to state a price, expect to pay roughly between $7.49 and $10.49 per square foot. Contact the best concrete contractors in Albuquerque NM to get a free estimate and an exact price.

Installation Process: A Step-by-Step Guide

  • Free Consultation & Project Evaluation,
  • Project Design & Estimate,
  • Permitting & Scheduling,
  • Block Wall Installation, and
  • Project Completion & Inspection.


Why Choose Us as Your Retaining Walls Contractor in the land of enchantment?

  • Experience: Our team knows Albuquerque's building codes, regulations, and best practices specific to our climate. Your project will be completed to the highest standards and meet all safety requirements.
  • Quality Materials & Workmanship: We use only the top-tier materials and obey strict industry standards for construction or repairs. 
  • Exceptional Customer Service: Our friendly and professional team will answer all your questions. From the initial consultation to project completion, we will address your concerns, and keep you informed throughout the project.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Thick Should a Block Wall Be?

The best thickness depends on a few things: height, what it's for, and local building codes. In Albuquerque, most walls are 6-8 inches thick, but taller ones and retaining ones may need to be thicker.

How Long Does It Last?

In Duke City, it can last for decades with proper care - if it was built properly. Quality materials, having it built right (especially drainage!), and keeping an eye on it for minor fixes are key factors in a wall’s longevity. Remember - with these steps, your block retaining wall could last 50 years or even longer!

How Long Does It Take To Build It?

Building a block wall in Abq depends on how big and fancy it is. A small, simple one can be done in a few days, but a bigger one or one with lots of details might take a week or more.

Your Local Abq Block Company

Albuquerque Concrete Experts is a local Abq company serving the greater metro area and surrounding communities. We know the needs of Albuquerque homeowners, from the diverse architecture in neighborhoods like Nob Hill and Paradise Hills to the specific drainage considerations near the Rio Grande Nature Center or the UNM Mesa del Bosque.

Whether you're looking to improve your backyard near Arroyo Vista Park or add beauty and function to your property close to the Sunport Airport, remember—we are familiar with Albuquerque’s landscape and can create a solution that creates a dream backyard for your kids to play in.

Thanks to our convenient location and closeness to major highways like I-25 and I-40, we're easily accessible from anywhere in the city.

Dreaming of a stunning new wall for your Abq home? Dream no more! Get a free quote and bring your vision to life! Contact us today.
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